Aamir Karim

3d Modeler and Texture Artist

Los Angeles, Ca




Looking to continue developing as an artist and work with a creative and enthusiastic team.


Skills / Software

- High and Low-Poly Modeling (characters, hard-surface, environment assets), Texturing, Blend Shapes,  UV mapping, Retopology, Drawing, Sculpture, Anatomy

- Autodesk Maya, Pixologic Zbrush, Photoshop, Mental Ray, V-ray, Mudbox, Mari, Topogun, Cinema 4D, 3d Studio Max, Krakatoa, Onyx, Headus UVLayout, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Shell, Terminal & DOS


- Midnight Oil Creative 3d Character/ Hard Surface Modeling/ Texturing Oct 2013 to March 2014

- Infinite Crisis - Character modeler for video game campaign. Sculpted and posed character models for key art, working closely with art director and designers to create dynamic imagery for each hero character.

- Imaginary Forces 3d Modeling and Texturing/Generalist  April 2012 to October 2013

- Strife - Lead character modeler and environment modeler for game trailer. Modeled and sculpted character models, working closely with concept, texturing, lighting, and rigging artists. Also created face shapes for hero character and helped design some environments and assets. Maya, Zbrush, Cinema 4D, Headus UV Layout, Topogun, Photoshop
- Pacific Rim – Posing and re-sculpting ILM alien character models in Zbrush and painting mattes in Mari for end titles. Hard-surface modeling robot emblems in Maya.
- Arkham City, Disney, God of War, Nike, Oral B, Double Eagle, O2 - Hard-surface, organic and character modeling for various film and commercial projects in Maya and Zbrush. Layout and environment building, working with concept art and photoreal reference. Rendering in Vray, setting up passes and working with Flame artists to match photo references.

- Psyop Character Artist  May to July 2012

- Bundaburg - Character and environment modeling in Maya and Zbrush for commercials. Organic modeling and texturing hero character for commercial in Maya, Zbrush and Mudbox using concept art.
- Zoopla - Hard-surface modeling in Maya for hero characters in commercial using photo references.

Prologue Character Artist  March to April 2012

- DC - Character modeling in Maya and Zbrush for superheroes, including Superman, Green Lantern, Wonderwoman and Flash for a short film trailer. Emphasis on anatomy, digital sculpting and texturing of characters and assets, as well as retopping models, laying out UVs, exporting and rendering displacement and normal maps in Maya.

- Gradient Effects 3d Artist  Sept 2011 to Feb 2012

- Looper - Character and hard-surface modeling for feature film, using Maya and Zbrush. Realistic human modeling and digital sculpting. Hard-surface and organic asset modeling and texturing for environments and rigid-body dynamics.
- Darksiders II - Character, environment and weapons modeling and texturing for game trailer, using Maya and Zbrush. Modeling and texturing Death character and assets, buildings, vehicles, etc. Digital sculpting in Zbrush and texturing in Photoshop.
- The Man With the Iron Fists - Hero character design and digital sculpting. Using Zbrush for concept design approval and then sculpting high poly model to be rigged for fight sequences. Retopology, UV layout and rendering with displacement and normals maps in Maya and Mental Ray.

- Create Design LA 3d Modeler/ Texture Artist Oct to Nov 2011

- Frankenweenie - Modeled and textured 3d letters for commercial. Using Maya built all letters and then sculpted high res details in Zbrush. Retopologized in 3d Coat and textured in Photoshop.

Mindspark Interactive Network 3d Artist  June to August 2011

-Modeling and texturing weapons, hard-surface and organic objects for Iphone App. Also, performed uv mapping, lighting and rendering still images of all 3d assets, using Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop.

- yU+co 3d Character Artist  July 2011

- Puffins - Created 3d character model for a commercial using Maya and Zbrush. Worked closely with the rigging artist and lead animator to build the character, and textured in Photoshop. Performed uv mapping, as well as created blend shapes for facial and body expressions.

- Create Design LA 3d Modeler/ Texture Artist  June to July 2011

- Command & Conquer, modeled and textured 3d assets for cinematic trailer using Zbrush, Maya, and Photoshop. High-poly sculpting for detailed close-up of cloth in Zbrush, used Maya for base meshes and uv mapping, xnormal for normal maps, and texturing in Photoshop.

Freelance 3d Hardsurface Character Artist Dec to Jan 2011

- Using Maya, working with Transformer Concept artist on a series of robotic characters for film.  Based on orthographic drawings, modeling transformer characters to match and deform correctly for animation.
- Ben 10 - Hard-surface modeling for hero’s weapon, which was later manufactured as a toy.

- Gradient Effects 3d Artist  Dec 2010, Feb to May 2011

- Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part ll Organic and hard-surface modeler using Maya and Zbrush. Modeled and textured characters like the Sorting Hat, environment and hero elements and building models for use in simulations in different shots. Worked on 3d rotos, matching vertex point orders, and blend shapes while working with lead artists, as well as doing texturing in Photoshop, Uving, and lighting and rendering in 3ds Max and Krakatoa.

- Firelight - Modeled monster character based on concept art and director’s notes for a short film. Using different references, worked on creature to meet look, proportions and movement for animated action shots

- Scoundrel Inc 3d Hard-Surface Modeler  Feb 2011

- Premium Rush – Using Maya building car models including Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Chevy brands for a feature film. Used modeling notes from the client as well as laying out UVs.

Logan Media 3d Product Modeler  Oct to Dec 2010

- Clinique, Audi, UHC, Goodyear, Scott - Using Maya to build products for commercials.  Worked from orthographic images and modeled polygon objects and assets to be rendered with studio or environment lighting.

- Silo Incorporated 3d Modeler, Characters / Environments April to Oct 2010

- Building animation-ready assets for use in film, television and media. Using Maya and Zbrush, modeling assets (low and high poly) to be rigged and rendered for film. UVing on all meshes with Maya and Headus UVLayout.

- Digital sculpting with Zbrush for high resolution details on objects and environments and exporting normal maps.

- Photoshop used primarily for texturing (also ZB polypainting) and rendering separate passes in Mental Ray for compositing in After Effects and Photoshop.

- Steelehouse Productions 3d Modeler  April 2010

- Used Maya to build right and left New Balance shoes for client.  Using orthographic images, created all 4-sided polygon components of shoe-top to be used by riggers and animators.  Performed UVing on all meshes.

- In the Company of Bears, Inc. 3d Artist  Nov 2009 to March 2010

- Creating animation-ready characters for a children story; using Maya, Zbrush, and Photoshop.

-Full development from concept, base mesh creation, digital sculpting, uv maps, texturing, lighting and rendering.  Making multiple scenes and characters, posed for final “comic book” style images.

- Ehsan Community Center 3d Architectural Modeler  Oct. to Dec. 2009

- Created architectural walkthrough of a planned community center, including multiple scenes; lobby, gym, conference room and library. Used Maya to render a finished presentation, which was viewed at a ceremony in Dec 2009.

- Mechanical Sheep, Robot BigFoot, Sunstar Mod Teams  Nov to March 2009

- Character modeling using Maya and Zbrush, from concept drawings, and orthographic, within limited poly count.

- BRB Productions Jan. to June 2008

Created a 30-second animated sequence for a film production company based in Charlottesville, Va, including:

-Initial concepts and drawings.  All Modeling, texturing, lighting, camera movement and rendering was taken through storyboards, until reaching the final version. Used currently for the shortfilm, Money Ain’t a Thing.

- Hightech Signs June 2006 to April 2007

- Graphic designer worked with multiple clients on a day-to-day basis, for a range of projects, ads, logos, vehicles, signs in a fast deadline environment.



Fine Art Skills: Drawing, with a focus on life-drawing and anatomy studies.  Experience working on murals, walls, canvases, surf/snowboards with mediums including oil and acrylic paints, airbrushes, spraycans, and paintpens.


-Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Los Angeles, CA, 2009. Professional Studies Program

-3D Training Institute, New York, NY, 2007. Maya training, focus on Hard-surface modeling, Nurbs, and Subdivision Surfaces

-Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Virginia Tech, 2001 to 2006. Emphasis in Life Drawing and 3d Graphics